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The Story From Begining !

Win Win Biz: Your Business Matching Tool

Who we are?

A group of entrepreneurs, were always preoccupied by the problematic question: how to boost our business and collect prospects without spending thousands of dollars on expensive market research studies to get a huge amount of data, then spending hours on filtering and classifying this data, then studying how would we use the outcome? To simplify the question; how would you boost your business without spending a lot of time and money on marketing activities?

What we do?

The answer could be shortened into two words; Business matching. If you take a look you will find millions of businesses operating from all around the United States, all these businesses - no matter how big or small, are always looking to expand their customer base, collect prospects, and find a business opportunities, so they spend a lot of time too and money on many marketing activities, some of these activities achieve their target and many others don’t, now imagine if all these corporates are saving time and money while achieving amazing results? That’s business matching. By a scientific and precise filtering this tool can exclude all the unnecessary data and bring to you the opportunities that you need to boost your business, it introduce your services to a huge number of corporates, and that opens up new horizons for your business.

How we do it?

Win Win Biz is a professional tool that generates business matches on spot, we introduce you to a huge network of corporates where you can find customers who have an immediate need for your service, and different entities that can provide what you are looking for

Millions of websites crawled daily to ensure fresh data. Our rapidly growing community of satisfied clients swear by our services.


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To be the integrated hub for generating immediate quality business matches


Connecting and empowering Corporates & people to accelerate the development for each business regardless of size, specialization, and needs.

Our Philosophy

Through business matching we help corporate all around the United States to collect their prospects by a sophisticated AI solution, we believe that there’s a huge amount of business opportunities out there, and we help you to pick the right ones by using the technology in removing boundaries.