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Win Win Biz is an AI software that enables corporates to find more opportunities in sales, marketing, and business matching.
No, not a social media platform. Win Win Biz is a professional tool to connect professionals with each other depending on a precise filtering technology to match each of them with what he exactly needs.
No, it only depends on how precisely you fill your account details.
No, all businesses have something to offer, so if you are searching for some service, we will be glad to know what you can offer.
Even if you are satisfied with your current service providers, you can tell us what you buy from others and we will inform you about the best deals in each field “when available”.
No, we don’t sell Raw Data, we match businesses
The cost depends on the number of matches we find upon your request, it can cost you nothing to find 10 matches, and around 100 matches will cost you 50$.
Win Win Biz is open to work with any kind of business or services, we are expanding our base all the time.
For instance, Win Win Biz covers only the United States, but we have a plan to spread widely in the coming months.
The estimated increase in sales could be boosted by 40-50 % for same comparable periods.